Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack MOD apk

It is a rather known fact that every now and then celebrities come into contract with various game developer companies with an aim to launch their own customized game. According to many people and the celebrities themselves, this helps them to connect with their respective fans on a much personal and direct level. Over the years, there has taken places a lot of such game launches, but one of them these games have managed to capture the millions of hearts. This game is a result of a collaboration that took place between a famous game developer company and a model, actor and public figure namely Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the most prominent trendsetters in the fashion industry.  She is a reality TV star whose life has been in front of the camera for over a lot of years. Moreover, the number of followers she has on her multiple social media platforms are huge, and people love her on a massive scale. These social media platforms, majorly include Facebook as well as Instagram. Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack mod apk provides the players with a chance to play the very role of Kim Kardashian and enter her shoes. The game requires the player to play the role of Kim Kardashian and create an interesting story with regard to her getting ready and dealing with the red carpet.

Features of the game:

  1. The game starts with requiring the respective player to create their very own celebrity star which will be the respective avatar of the player throughout the various levels in the game. The player even gets the chance to customize the respective character and end up making it look like the person him/herself, leading to the character being an embodiment of the player. There are a good 100 styles which are offered in the game for the player to choose from. Apart from that, the player can make a choice from the very personal favorites list of Kim Kardashian.
  2. The players get provided with an amazing chance to interact and star in a very glamorous story leading to the dealing of oncoming adventures in the game. The players get to encounter a number of other celebrities as well and deal with an annoying paparazzi in an efficient manner. Hanging out with Kim Kardashian in the game is one of these games most liked features.
  3. The player further gets a chance to set the entire fashion industry on fire with the help of showcasing their amazing skills. This will be done while planning the various red-carpet looks by taking help from fashion designers as well as boutiques.
  4. The game further allows the player to include their friends in with them as well through Facebook. This will allow you to team up with your friends and pull off all the levels in the game in the best possible manner.

5.    You and your friends can together decide on some amazing red carpet looks and deal with the annoying paparazzi.

Bingo Bash Game Review

Bingo Bash is an ideal game to play for people who are looking for a relaxing experience. It is an appealing Android game from GSN Games because it gives users a broad range of boards and an exciting gameplay that is full of unique rewards and bonuses.

The first thing you see once you enter in this game is that it gives users a unique set of stimulating boards. This ranges from the simple Sphinx board to the Canyons, Palm Islands, or the Wheel of Fortune bingo. You just have an overabundance of boards that you can choose from. However, you will only work with a few of them from the start. This is understandable because bingo bash has its leveling system.

Every moment you are playing Bingo Bash and win or lose will give you a particular amount of XP that will accumulate over time and assist you level up. Most boards contain level restrictions and playing regularly has rewards.

The Bongo Bash game has a brand-new room that is themed after America’s number one show: -The Wheel of Fortune. This means that users can now play the number one Bingo game on the World popular Wheel of Fortune Stage. This gives you an exclusive opportunity to win bonuses on the Wheel of Fortune Spinning. The Wheel of Fortune room tends to be more challenging than the other games. You will get the much-deserved payout as long as you have all it takes to score a bingo.

This game also has its personal in-game currency, in fact two, which include the money and the bingo balls.  You can use them to get in-game bonuses or new boards that allows you to get hold of bonuses quickly.

Bingo Bash has a simple gameplay that is exactly how you would picture the bingo game. The voice of the announcer is good and the boards have very neat visuals that enhance the overall experience of the player. In fact, this is all that matters at the end of everything.

The game comes with several mini games and its personal shop that offer a broad range of bonuses and hence becoming more than an ordinary bingo game. Calling bingo, utilizing the Wheel of Fortune and attempting to defeat others is quite interesting. The good thing in this game is that you can use power-ups by pressing an upper right button after making enough taps. The bar loads quite fast and thus you can add bonuses regularly.

This game also grants you the opportunity to chat with friends and you will surely enjoy this. Talking and chatting with others is an excellent way of making new friends and you can taunt others or congratulate them in this game depending on the prevailing situation. You will get a login bonus every moment you are playing and the game will always surprise you in one way or another. Users always feel a sense of accomplishment each time they play and receive rewards for their actions.

You can score a bingo in 13 different ways and you can get a broad range of collection items as you play. All these elements work together to bring an exciting experience to the player. The bingo is basically all about giving you fun with family and friends. The Bingo is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a relaxing game.

World Series of Poker Game Hack Review

Wsop Free Chips

The World Series of Poker is a multi-staged and multi-day tournament of all the poker world comers. This is the grandest poker events of both amateurs and pros that culminates into a several long-day’s main event that allows thousands of players to test their skills while hopping to win millions of cash dollars.

Some of the games that are in the World of Series of Poker include Texas Hold ‘em, the Cadillac of poker, Raz (the Seven Stub Lowball), Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split, Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi-Low Split and Omaha.

The large proportion of the single players’ experience comes from the career mode in which you are granted the opportunity of creating your own poker persona through the rudimentary and decently varied attire and facial editing tools. Provide your player with a goof beard, some intimidating sunglasses, a gold lame suit, or anything that fits into your fancy.

After this, you will be given 10,000 US dollars and then send into the den of lions. You can use this cash to buy your way in any of the ancillary WSOP Free Chips to establish your bankroll, or simply dive headfirst in the main event. One strange thing is that you will have to complete almost all the tournaments’’ side before moving into the subsequent year of your career even if you will finish the main event.

The career progression tends to be stagnant but not very bad. The main challenge with this game is that everything you are doing fundamentally feels the same. The feeling and presentation of the game does not seem to change whether you are in the main event of $1500 Razz tournament. The game has a few invitational tournaments that allows you to check out where you will play especially against pro players but they still don’t break up the monotony quite well. The game only boasts of a few real-life pro players like John Phan, Scotty Nguyen, Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson, Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen and Max Pescatori. None of these display their trademark personalities in the World Series of Poker game.

The good thing with this game is that it plays pretty well. It has an up to speed artificial intelligence and most of the players act quite differently from each other. Some of them play more aggressively by trying to use their chip stacks to bully you while other love the Harrington approach by playing tightly and waiting for big hands for going in for the kill. Your opponents seem to understand when to bow or strike most of the times even though there are some situations where the CPU players put way too much stock in draw hands and only end up being burned. Also, most of the poker players of allowing pretty-looking straight and flush draws get the best of them at least once or more. This means that you can suffer from worse flaws.

If you don’t love the offline playing experience, both the Xbox and PS2 versions of the game features online players with up to nine players. You can participate in any of the offline type of games, buy ins and set betting rules, and utilize leaderboards that display records for both online and offline winnings. The Xbox version has a better online interface and the PS2 series doesn’t have an additional bonus of the Eye Toy support and allows you to see people as you play. This is an excellent addition even though it does not allow you to map your face to your custom character.

The World Series of Poker falls quite short of the audio categories and graphics. The character models are not put together quite well with goofy-looking faces, blocky builds, and animations that could not be more wildly out of place. This game is an excellent choice for big poker fans who are looking for an online console game version.

WWE Mayhem Game Hack

wwe mayhem hack

WWE Mayhem app was released on 14th December, 2017. The game was developed and published by Reliance Games for both Android and iPhone. This is among the best arcade games that come with the wrestling theme. WWE Mayhem presents an action in the ring that has a broad range of special moves, attacks, and stab the enemy blows as the main parts of the game.

It is an over-the-top and arcade-style action game that features WWE Legends and Superstars. WWE Mayhem hack gives users an enhanced gameplay experience which allows each player to unlock unique content when you use it in conjunction with WWE Retro Figures from Mattel. Any player who has the WWE Retro Figures is able to scan his or her image with the game to be able to unlock the upgraded WWE Superstars.

This is one of those games that gives you multiple ways of playing. You can take on rivals and friends from all over the world in various one-verses-one matches. You can also join weekly challenges and events that are drawn from the real-world WWE shows. As a player, you can be able to get into tag-team match-ups with the other champions to be able to defeat all your contenders.  WWE Mayhem provides one of the best online gaming experiences.

WWE Mayhem gives you an exclusive opportunity to prove your value in epic matches with some of the fun-favorites such as the legendry undertaker, Triple H, Roman Reign, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, The Rock, and John Cena among other superstars. Each of these wrestlers have their own skills and tactics that are related to their names. The player has an obligation to control, complete and then win the top spot of WWE.

The game has six distinct classes that you can choose from including Showman, Highflyer, Powerhouse, Technician, Wildcard and Brawler. Most people who have been playing this game for a while confess that they love it. Some of the basics that you need to be familiar with include swiping or running back and forth to throw a heavy attack, taping to throw a light attack, holding the screen for blockage, filling a three-segment special meter for customizing special moves by tapping on a button. The truth of the matter is that this is a standard item but the game is pretty tight. This game also has some neat twists that spice up its formula giving it a more wrestling experience.

The spin-off version character of this strange fantasy is one of the eye-catching elements in this game. The fact that WWE Mayhem is a free-to-play game makes it very popular. The game has everything including some in-the-game currencies, an energy system, a gacha system for unlocking characters, and extracting resources to improve any character.

Some players enjoy this free game as it is by rarely spending cash and playing for a few moments. However, we have a few individuals who spend a lot of time and money on this game. This is a small game that comes with a high level of excitement to the players. Take advantage of the quick reaction mini game to get back in the fight. WWE Mayhem also has a reversal system that can save you from the special moves of the opponents.

Gta 5 apk – How to download?

Gta 5 Android

This is not my first review for this game, but every time I play it and every time I think about it, I can’t stop but write new thoughts about it.

Today, after a full immersion with the version for PS4, I find myself here in front of the keyboard, ready to write the reasons and the perks of this ambitious graphic update (and not only). Before doing so, I went to reread the enthusiastic words that I spent at the time of the original, to see if the self of the past had happened to be taken by emotion. Here, no. I sign and sign every single word of that review. If you have never played GTA V, read it and you will understand the reasons for my enthusiasm. Rockstar has surpassed itself with a production out of scale, with a care for details and a quantity of content that is unparalleled in the rest of the industry. The basis is this, then: what I speak of today is the updated version of a game of 10. And indeed, since the numbers have never got along, let’s take them away from the feet. This updated version has everything that was in the original, does not introduce bugs or defects, offers a little ‘more content and has a graphic more in step with the times. It is the best version of Gta 5 apk, hands down, and as such deserves the same vote, awarded with even more conviction. SPOILER ALERT: TEN! If for any reason you missed this milestone, remedy immediately, and already that you do it with high-definition textures.

The most interesting question, however, arises for those who GTA V has already lived, loved, 100 % percent. Does it make sense to buy the same game again, even if it’s an issue with more muscle and flab? The answer is necessarily subjective and varies depending on the passion of each individual player. The only thing I can do is deal with the various innovations in detail, giving you all the elements to evaluate the potential purchase.

Let’s start with the most obvious update, that of graphics. The original, the true song of the swan of the old generation, squeezed deeply PS3 and Xbox 360, making them seem almost came from the future. The miracle was the result of the technical feats of the programmers, but also of the intelligence and taste of the graphic designers, who had dosed their resources to hide the now evident limitations of the hardware. The old-gen version was so spectacular that at first, I confess, this passage on PS4 did not surprise me too much. The new graphics are beautiful, beautiful, but basically it’s not that I remembered them so very different. For this I removed a finger of dust from Xbox 360 and I started the original, on the same TV, with the same settings …

Well, friends, time has passed very quickly. Our eyes, after a year with the new consoles, have become accustomed to a higher standard. The graphics of the old GTA V is still beautiful, but the new one is in another category. The biggest difference concerns lights and shaders, but Rockstar has worked on many other details. The waters and the waves are more realistic, the vegetation is denser, the textures are in a higher resolution, the non-player characters have more animations and there are more objects in motion, from cars to animals. The draw distance is increased, the frame rate is stable (on PS4 I have seen 30 unshakable frames per second, even in the most excited moments), the anti-aliasing is finally in step with the times. In short, the technical jump is there, and if it does not make a miracle cry, it’s only because the original was too good at pretending to be “next-gen”. The new GTA V does nothing that has not been seen in other games of recent times, on a technical level, but finally we can see its exceptional style express itself without the constraints of obsolete hardware.

The debut in this generation for the series has brought with it an impressive game engine, not only aesthetically but especially in the management of physics. But this also forced developers to make heavy sacrifices, reducing the title map considerably compared to what was done with San Andreas. GTA V in this sense represents a welcome return to the splendor of the past, thanks to an impressive extension, which exceeds the predecessors in terms of square kilometers. Not even in variety, since the playing area includes the city itself and the agricultural suburbs, with coastal, hilly and desert areas. There is no shortage of things to do, and Los Santos hosts entertainment of all kinds, from jet skiing to golf, tennis, triathlon, yoga and so on. You can then customize the three protagonists, with clothes and hairstyles and even the means.


The most interesting novelty is undoubtedly the possibility of activating the subjective view, a function never seen in the history of the series. Mind you, this is not a simple change of perspective, but a global revision of the mechanics of shot and movement, with dedicated functions and animations. At first the visual has displaced me, because it comes off sharply from the standards of the FPS, which have accustomed us to immoderate speed of movement, established as a function of a style of game design that has its roots in Quake. Have you ever noticed the Call of Duty and Battlefield race? I do not know about you, but I need a moped to reach those speeds in the real world. Joking aside, since GTA V is born in the third person, the subjective movements must respect the limits of movement and speed of the predefined view. In order to combine two different views in a coherent way, it is not enough to move the camera’s point of view.

If you want to play the game and enjoy it, you may download the link below. This counts even for people who don’t play much video games… Believe me, you will be amazed!