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Gta 5 Android

This is not my first review for this game, but every time I play it and every time I think about it, I can’t stop but write new thoughts about it.

Today, after a full immersion with the version for PS4, I find myself here in front of the keyboard, ready to write the reasons and the perks of this ambitious graphic update (and not only). Before doing so, I went to reread the enthusiastic words that I spent at the time of the original, to see if the self of the past had happened to be taken by emotion. Here, no. I sign and sign every single word of that review. If you have never played GTA V, read it and you will understand the reasons for my enthusiasm. Rockstar has surpassed itself with a production out of scale, with a care for details and a quantity of content that is unparalleled in the rest of the industry. The basis is this, then: what I speak of today is the updated version of a game of 10. And indeed, since the numbers have never got along, let’s take them away from the feet. This updated version has everything that was in the original, does not introduce bugs or defects, offers a little ‘more content and has a graphic more in step with the times. It is the best version of Gta 5 apk, hands down, and as such deserves the same vote, awarded with even more conviction. SPOILER ALERT: TEN! If for any reason you missed this milestone, remedy immediately, and already that you do it with high-definition textures.

The most interesting question, however, arises for those who GTA V has already lived, loved, 100 % percent. Does it make sense to buy the same game again, even if it’s an issue with more muscle and flab? The answer is necessarily subjective and varies depending on the passion of each individual player. The only thing I can do is deal with the various innovations in detail, giving you all the elements to evaluate the potential purchase.

Let’s start with the most obvious update, that of graphics. The original, the true song of the swan of the old generation, squeezed deeply PS3 and Xbox 360, making them seem almost came from the future. The miracle was the result of the technical feats of the programmers, but also of the intelligence and taste of the graphic designers, who had dosed their resources to hide the now evident limitations of the hardware. The old-gen version was so spectacular that at first, I confess, this passage on PS4 did not surprise me too much. The new graphics are beautiful, beautiful, but basically it’s not that I remembered them so very different. For this I removed a finger of dust from Xbox 360 and I started the original, on the same TV, with the same settings …

Well, friends, time has passed very quickly. Our eyes, after a year with the new consoles, have become accustomed to a higher standard. The graphics of the old GTA V is still beautiful, but the new one is in another category. The biggest difference concerns lights and shaders, but Rockstar has worked on many other details. The waters and the waves are more realistic, the vegetation is denser, the textures are in a higher resolution, the non-player characters have more animations and there are more objects in motion, from cars to animals. The draw distance is increased, the frame rate is stable (on PS4 I have seen 30 unshakable frames per second, even in the most excited moments), the anti-aliasing is finally in step with the times. In short, the technical jump is there, and if it does not make a miracle cry, it’s only because the original was too good at pretending to be “next-gen”. The new GTA V does nothing that has not been seen in other games of recent times, on a technical level, but finally we can see its exceptional style express itself without the constraints of obsolete hardware.

The debut in this generation for the series has brought with it an impressive game engine, not only aesthetically but especially in the management of physics. But this also forced developers to make heavy sacrifices, reducing the title map considerably compared to what was done with San Andreas. GTA V in this sense represents a welcome return to the splendor of the past, thanks to an impressive extension, which exceeds the predecessors in terms of square kilometers. Not even in variety, since the playing area includes the city itself and the agricultural suburbs, with coastal, hilly and desert areas. There is no shortage of things to do, and Los Santos hosts entertainment of all kinds, from jet skiing to golf, tennis, triathlon, yoga and so on. You can then customize the three protagonists, with clothes and hairstyles and even the means.


The most interesting novelty is undoubtedly the possibility of activating the subjective view, a function never seen in the history of the series. Mind you, this is not a simple change of perspective, but a global revision of the mechanics of shot and movement, with dedicated functions and animations. At first the visual has displaced me, because it comes off sharply from the standards of the FPS, which have accustomed us to immoderate speed of movement, established as a function of a style of game design that has its roots in Quake. Have you ever noticed the Call of Duty and Battlefield race? I do not know about you, but I need a moped to reach those speeds in the real world. Joking aside, since GTA V is born in the third person, the subjective movements must respect the limits of movement and speed of the predefined view. In order to combine two different views in a coherent way, it is not enough to move the camera’s point of view.

If you want to play the game and enjoy it, you may download the link below. This counts even for people who don’t play much video games… Believe me, you will be amazed!